Tangle Teaser Brush Review

Tangle Teaser By Sephora

This brush has changed my life. Actually. I am not exaggerating at all.

The story: I have always had tangly and difficult hair. I would always know I needed to get a haircut when I stopped being able to get a brush through my hair. Two years ago I started the process of dying my hair blonde. At first I didn’t notice a difference in the texture of my hair, but I ended up having two dye treatments close together (1 month apart). After the second treatment, my hair was so dry and I was pulling out so much hair trying to brush my hair after my shower. It was so painful to brush my hair and I ended up with a tangled and broken mess of hair every time. It got so bad that I would spend around 30 minutes gently brushing out a thin layer of my hair at a time after I showered. Even my curl holding/moisture cream did not help. After Christmas, my uncle sent me a Sephora gift card. I was really excited about this as I had never before purchased anything at Sephora. Of course, I went straight for the Besame products but I also had some money left on the gift card after purchasing dusting powder and a tube of lipstick. I saw this tangle teaser brush that was specifically labelled for tangly and difficult hair. Apparently the generic name for this brush is a wet brush (?). Anyway, I purchased this brush and tried it out the same night I received it. The brush went right through my wet hair without any difficulty. I was free of yanking and pulling and best of all I was free of tangles in less than 2 minutes. At first I didn’t want to use the brush too much because I was worried its “magic powers” would disappear. I am happy to say though that after almost a year, this brush is still working marvellously. It works best when I use it in conjunction with my hair cream and do coconut oil washes once weekly.

The Product: The brush is small, being only a bit larger than my palm. This clever sizing actually makes it really easy to hold the brush and work it through the hair. The small size also makes it very easy to pack in a travel bag. It comes in a number of colours, but of course I chose classic black, because that is basically my favourite colour (only second to blue… maybe). It has fine bendable plastic teeth that glide through hair easily. The same company also makes a “stronger” brush for denser curly hair which is an idea I find intriguing. I was going to order this one, but it was sold out. I have not personally tried this one, but it does have fantastic reviews. I honestly can’t say enough good things about this brush. Whenever I travel, even if it is just for a day, I always take this brush with me. Comment below about your tangly hair experiences or with any tangle friendly brushes you’ve encountered.

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