Makeup routine for others with skin the colour of the undead

A friend of mine from India once commented, when we were working out in a gym together “all of these people are white, but you are WHITE”, to emphasize the degree of paleness of my skin. I remember being bugged by others about being pale throughout my entire life, but I’ve never been bothered by it, except for when it comes to buying makeup.

The result of my usual makeup routine

I will never understand makeup brands that only feature three shades: light, medium, and dark. Who fits into any of these categories? Honestly?! As a frugal medical student, I need to be thrifty with my makeup purchases so I cannot always buy luxury makeup that matches my skin tone perfectly. Additionally, I find something is always off about the shade. I tend to look orange or like my face is dirty because the makeup is too dark and makes my face a few shades different from my neck. If any of my makeup rubs off throughout the day I start to get a patchy look to my skin which can be frustrating. Recently, a friend of mine, who is a beauty blogger, gave me a bunch of makeup she had been given free by companies trying to promote their products. Some of them were amazing products and so I was very excited to use them. There was only one problem: lots of the foundation products are not the right shade. In the following article, I will explain how to fix this problem and my favourite way to do my makeup in a way that works for pale skin.


Dress is vintage from the 1960s

Steps in my Makeup Routine

  1. I exfoliate my skin with a damp cloth and then gently dry my face
  2. I use a clear primer to create an even surface. I personally have a yellow tinge to my skin normally, so a pink primer might be helpful, but I also have a lot of red skin irritation which would call for a green primer. Therefore, I just stick to a clear one.
  3. The next step is to add foundation to a blending sponge. First, I put of bit of coloured foundation on the sponge and then I add a drop of white foundation. Some people mix this together on the sponge, but I just mix it once it is on my face by rolling a bit of both colours on each check, my forehead, nose, and chin. Then I proceed to mix the colours together and blend my foundation properly. The product I use for white foundation is Stargazer. The amount of white you put in can be adjusted based on how much you need to lighten the foundation you want to use (ie. if you have a really dark foundation, you’ll have to put more white in it than a drop or two).

    From Left to Right (top to bottom): Marcelle Moisture Rich foundation in medium to fair; stargazer white foundation; L’oreal Magic Lumi Highlighting cream; Maybelline Colossal Volume Spider Effect Mascara; Arbonne Rose lipstick, Maybelline gel liner in classic black; Arbonne eye shadow in sand and snow; besame rose dusting powder; Anabelle white eyeliner; Besame blush in sweet pink; and Marcelle roller concealer.
  4. I usually do my eye shadow at this stage so that if I make a mistake, I can make corrections without disrupting too much else about my makeup. I find that subtle lighter shades look best on my eyes rather than really rich colours. Colours such as a light grey and tan are my favourites to use. Right now, I am loving Sand by Arbonne which is a shimmery greyish brown colour (this is featured in the photo). Before I apply a colour, I usually put down a layer of white eye shadow that covers the entire eyelid up until the eyebrow. I then apply a coloured shadow to my eyelid and just above the brow bone. I also sweep a thin line of shadow below my bottom lid.
  5. As you can probably tell from my description of my skin, I have combination skin meaning some areas of dryness and some areas of oiliness. Unfortunately, my eyelids are an oily patch so keeping eyeliner from smudging throughout the day is difficult for me. I prefer a gel eyeliner which I feel holds up better than pencil eyeliner and is not as messy as liquid eyeliner. A small cat-eye is my favourite way to do my eyeliner.
  6. A tip I learned early on to make your eyes look larger is white eye liner. I line the corner of my eyes, the waterline of my eyes (above your bottom eyelashes; I usually also go a little below my eyelashes as well). You can add a bit of white glitter to add some more visual appeal and enhance this look. However, I find glitter makeup gets crusty so I only do this on special occasions as it is not comfortable for me all day.
  7. For mascara I am a fan of Maybelline colossal volume mascaras. Nothing special with the application here.

    Besame blush in sweet pink
  8. Another thing I find, being very pale, is that bags show up under my eyes a lot. To combat this I use a shimmery white highlighting cream. I apply this under my eyes and overtop my cheekbones. I also use a bit of the highlighter along the length of my nose, in the middle of my chin, and a bit on my forehead as well.
  9. One of my favourite brands is Besame and their sweet pink blush is featured in this picture. I either use a light pink for blush or a dusty rose colour if I want something a little bolder. The application I find most flattering is to use it on the apples of my cheeks and then sweep the blush underneath my cheekbones.
  10. My final step is always lipstick application. Arbonne’s Rose lipstick is my go-to everyday shade.

    Arbonne Lipstick in Rose

This entire routine usually takes me around ten minutes if I do it quickly (which I do, because I’m always in a rush). There isn’t too much special about my routine, but I know it can be frustrating to find makeup shades that work for pale skin so hopefully this provided some tips and tricks.

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  1. This is a great routine 🙂 Thanks for sharing! As a pale girl, I can totally relate lol

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