Gene Tierney Makeup Tutorial

Gene Tierney

This will just be a quick tutorial on how I did a recent Gene Tierney inspired look. Her makeup looks always seem so dewy and ethereal which is a makeup aesthetic I absolutely love, so I attempted to re-create one of her looks.


For my hair I curled with a thin spiral barrel curling wand and then pinned back the one side of my hair entirely. Although it is hard to see in the picture, I took a wide section of the other side of my hair, including my bangs and swept it into a small flat victory roll (it looks more like a pin curl you didn’t un-pin) which I pinned on the side.

Makeup Steps

1) I always apply a base of my own foundation and because I am so pale, I mix the palest shade of foundation I can find with a bit of white foundation (I use stargazer brand which you can order off amazon) to make it match my skin colour better.

2) Since it looks like Gene is wearing a lot of highlighter in the photo, I applied shimmery highlighter over my forehead and in a triangular shape under each of my eyes. This step is key to making that glimmery dewy look. Make sure to sweep the highlighter all the way from your cheekbones to your temples. I also tried to thin out my nose a bit by applying contour along the sides of my nose and highlighter on the tip and along the top of my nose. Gene has a shorter, rounder face than I, which I can’t help, but I contoured under my chin a bit to give my jaw a bit more point like hers.

3) After blending my contour I used Besame rose dusting powder all over my face, like I would with regular pressed powder.

4) Dusty rose blush is my favourite shade of blush. It has gentle brown undertones mixed with a burgundy pink. I swept a bit of this colour below my cheekbones and up towards my temples to try and mimic Gene’s blush pattern.

5) For eye shadow, I used a snow white colour all over my eyeline, up to my eyebrows. Then I used a shimmery beige that was quite close to my skin tone, but with the added benefit of sparkle, over my eyelid and waterline.

6) A thin line of eye liner applied in a subtle cat eye shape creates the oval look of Gene’s eyes.

7) After applying a coat of mascara, I finished off the eyes with a sweep of white eyeliner along my waterline and then swept a coat of sparkly eye liner overtop of this.

8). Finally, I applied Besame’s 1979 chocolate rose lipstick in a pattern similar to Gene’s. Pay attention to wide shape of her lipstick, along with the very small accentuation of her vermilion border.

Have fun! I hope this tutorial is clear enough and gives you some vintage makeup inspiration.

My finished look imitating Gene Tierney’s makeup.

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